Monday, October 12, 2009


Praise God for His presence in us all. We humbly thank Him for His never-ending mercy, patience and Divine love. As He gives to us, we share with others.

Please pray for B who is struggling with alcohol addiction. He loves the Lord Jesus, but is finding it extremely difficult to stay sober. Pray that He truts in God and seeks treatment for full physical/spiritual healing.

Pray for V who recently moved and has many long-term emotional problems that the peace of Christ will come upon her and that she will accept Christ as her Savior and not just another good person.

Pray for M who continues to seek employment and housing. After having his backpack stolen again, he is waiting for new ID that will allow him to get further assistance.

Many get their backpacks stolen, which contain all their personal belongings.
Pray for protection for them - that God's holy angels would surround them and keep them free from evil.

Pray that the full truth of our Lord Jesus Christ continues to be spoken in love through pastors that visit the missions. So many are longing for hope in the Lord. Sometimes our neighbors in the missions get conflicting accounts of who Jesus really is. Is He angry at me? Is He real?, etc...

Pray for all those who are hungry that they will get their "daily bread" and for those who have their daily bread that they will hunger for Christ.

Give praise to our Lord for all the hearts and hands of those who serve with their time, talents and treasures for all those we meet on the streets and beyond.
Our God is an awesome God!!

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