Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hands to serve and hearts full of love

Just wanted to share with you how our Saturday went feeding the hungry in Downtown Grand Rapids. It was so awesome! There were 10 of us from OLC (including 3 teenagers!). Here are several stories.

The first one involves an elderly man that I saw watching us from across the street. I crossed the street and went up to him and explained that we had free pizza. He told me he was so hungry, but he had no teeth and he asked if we had any soup or something soft for his gums. I told him that all I had was pizza and subs. He very kindly said that he wasn't able to eat those types of foods, but can you believe it? He said "God Bless you for what you are doing". I was so humbled to hear such words of encouragement from a man who was hungry and couldn't eat. All I could think was I doubt I would have been so kind if I was hungry and cold and couldn't eat. I can get pretty crabby. So please consider taking soup or something soft the next time you go.

Also, we were bombarded by men asking for warm gloves. We really need another 100 minimum. The socks are also in great demand. When you take donations for gloves, try to remind the donors that they prefer gloves, not mittens, because with gloves, it is easier for them to collect bottles, etc.

I finally have to share with you how we ended the day. We drove over to the public library and I went inside and asked the receptionist if she thought there were homeless inside that could use free pizza and hot cocoa. She said that there were "so many" in need sitting alongside the walls of both the 2nd and 3rd floor. I asked if I could invite them for food and she said sure. But then she said "I better check with my supervisor". I was bummed, because I was afraid they would tell me no, when suddenly I heard over the intercom "Greetings, patrons. Our Lady of Consolation Church from Rockford has free pizza and Hot Cocoa out front for those who may need it"!!!!! So I went outside and stood by the vans and wondered if anyone would come, and felt so blessed and tickled when suddenly the doors opened wide and the homeless poured out!!!
May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ reign in your hearts, your minds and on your lips today and always! Alleluia!