Monday, August 24, 2009

Jesus in our midst

Jesus on the Streets Ministry is not just about serving the Lord by helping those in need, it is also a gift to be able to help people - a gift that comes with rewards. In helping people, we too are helped.

I have only served a few times but have met many wonderful people who are no different than you and I. They have a past that has led them to where they are. They have a future, but are not sure of it. The few that I have been able to talk one-on-one with have dreams of hope for the future.

One man who is 57 with a graduate degree wants to return to school and enter into law. Another man, who is now in jail knew he must serve his time for his offenses but wants to find full time employment and a better place to live when he is released from jail. There is a lady who is not sure how to better her situation but knows she wants to. She is trying to find a new place to live to escape from people that keep troubling her. She also knows she must rely on others to help her make this move.

All the people that we have served have one thing in common. They give thanks to God for that one meal. They truly realize that this gift of food is a blessing from God and it means they do not have to spend most of the day hungry.

It is amazing how many try to get a little extra food because they know that tomorrow they may be hungry again. They may save the food as a squirrel would, but they have the same souls as those of us seeking to know God.

Sometimes while serving, I daydream and wonder if any of the people are Jesus taking a human form to see how we respond to Him, but then He quickly reminds me He is always in our presence when we are serving Him - especially when we are serving those most in need!

-John Gilbert

Father, creator of unfailing light, give that same light to those who call to You. May our lips praise You; our lives proclaim Your goodness; our works give You honor, and our voices celebrate You forever.