Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seeing Jesus

Guest post by Todd G.

We saw Jesus this past Saturday. The Holy Spirit led us right to him. What a beautiful morning--cool and lots of sunshine. We set up our table with food and drinks for the less fortunate in Veterans Park. Sitting in the park were at least eight people waiting for a nice meal.

Needless to say, it was a busy morning. I saw Jesus in the eyes of every person I met. Have you noticed how kind these people are? Or how they always ask “what church are you from?” or “God bless you”.

“Love thy neighbor as yourself” was all I could think about. During the short time we were there, I could not believe how many scripture versus came to me….what a grace!

Anyway, the time went swiftly by as we served the continuous line of folks coming for something to eat. Chili was a popular order with everyone--as we ran out once again…along with the hot chocolate. Remember the miracle of the five loaves and fishes? Well, I was praying. Chicken noodle soup and sack lunches went out faster than an order of fries at Mickey Ds.

Yes, we saw Jesus many times over, and my heart was touched by The Father’s love.